Pink Salmon Caviar

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Often called pink caviar, Gorbuscha caviar or humpback salmon caviar, this delicious natural product is harvested from the Oncorhynchus gorbuscha species. This fish is native to the frigid coastal waters of the Arctic and the North Pacific. Pink salmon is the mainstay of both wild fisheries and breeding farms, which makes its roe an affordable and sustainable product.

5 Reasons To Buy Pink Caviar

  • Pink salmon roe has a bright orange hue with a hint of red, middle-sized grain and from nature contains a good amount of healthy fats and antioxidants. It has a vivid salmon flavor with a pleasant aftertaste.
  • Pink salmon eggs are a more affordable alternative to other types of caviar. These eye-catching pearls will pop in your mouth, filling you with delight.
  • Gorbuscha roe harvested in nature is both sustainable and eco-friendly, since the species is abundant and even considered invasive in some places.
  • Called ikura in Japanese cuisine, pink salmon caviar is excellent with sushi and seafood dishes.
  • If you prefer European cuisine, Gorbuscha roe is best paired with buttered toast, blini or creme fraiche.

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