Salmon Trout Caviar

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Salmon trout caviar: choose the best!

The red caviar is an incredible product you can purchase in our store to pamper yourself. The taste of trout roe is incredibly delicate and a little bit sweet, with some hints of smoke. Salmon caviar can be used for numerous dishes, so it depends on your imagination. 

The aromatic product comes from special varieties of salmon trout. After extraction, only a small amount of salt is added to the product. This preserves a real, authentic taste. There are different types of red caviar; plenty of them can be found in our shop.

How to eat red caviar?

Fresh trout caviar is often consumed with white bread, adding a hint of unsalted butter. Since it is only slightly salted, you can even use it for soups, sushi, or pasta. Due to the beautiful color of red caviar, the product often fits as a decoration on a cold buffet. It is also traditionally eaten with pancakes or on boiled eggs.

These pearls have a high content of natural nutrients such as:

  • proteins; 
  • fatty acids; 
  • vitamins; minerals; 
  • trace elements.

It is indeed a great way to diversify your diet.

Size and appearance

Trout caviar is often underestimated because of its size – but once you try it, it will take pride of place on your table. The caviar has a bright orange color and a size of approximately 3-4mm (it depends on a particular fish). 

Color may vary as well; it is influenced by the origination and other factors of the production process. Some products are really bright and orange, while the others can be called more golden. Browse our shop and enjoy a good selection of different types of red caviar that will definitely satisfy any taste.

Texture and flavor

If you want to buy non-sturgeon caviar, you are just in the right place: we sell the best products only with rapid delivery to any place in Canada, be it Toronto, Vancouver, or any other area. 

We guarantee that once you taste red caviar, you will never forget its taste! Trout roe has a unique, perfectly balanced flavor, which makes it one of the best products among other roes. Expressive saltiness and the finest fishy aftertaste – that’s what you will enjoy. Once you take a scoop, you will be surprised by the texture as well. These pearls are pretty firm, delivering a “pop” on the palate and a burst of taste that comes after it. 

All in all, this caviar is what every person should try at least once. We will gladly help with it.

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