Sturgeon Caviar AMUR ROYAL, 50g

Sturgeon Caviar AMUR ROYAL, 50g


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The particularly large-grained and tender-skinned Amur Royal sturgeon caviar has a full-bodied and balanced taste that delights gourmets worldwide. Enveloped in its beautiful dark sheen, each of its grains has a stately diameter of three to four millimetres. This puts Amur Royal on a par with the coveted Beluga caviar. Its distinctive dark amber colour and understated aroma are also indicative of its special nobility.

Amur Royal caviar is the result of crossing Kaluga (lat. Huso dauricus) with Amur sturgeon (lat. Acipenser schrenckii). It is a unique product that offers an attractively priced alternative to the limited supplies of Beluga.

Caviar is served as a stand-alone appetiser as well as on crackers, croutons or with pancakes. When planning cocktail parties in European countries, 1 ounce of caviar is charged per guest - that's about 30 grams of the product. Caviar is served in a glass or porcelain bowl with a spoon made of the same material or mother-of-pearl. Chilled caviar tastes best, so the caviar dish is placed on ice.

Whether as a gift or to enjoy together with friends - Amur Royal sturgeon caviar suits all caviar lovers.

Sturgeon caviar is a natural product, so the colour may vary.

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Nutrition facts per 100g

Nutrition facts per 100g
Energy  1184 kJ / 283 kcal
Fat  19,1 g
Saturated fatty acids  5,1 g
Carbohydrate  1,0 g
Sugar  0,0 g
Protein  27,6 g
Salt  3,5 g


Fish  Yes
Wheat flour (gluten)  No
Crustaceans  No
Eggs  No
Peanuts  No
Soya  No
Milk  No
Nuts  No
Celery  No
Mustard  No
Sesame seeds  No
Sulphur dioxide and sulphites  No
Lupine  No
Molluscs  No
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