How to eat caviar?

How Do Professionals Taste Caviar?

Caviar is one of the most luxurious dishes. It can be served as an appetizer, part of the main course, a separate dish with fish and even as a dessert. However, the process of caviar tasting, serving and eating it properly can be quite tricky.

Therefore, there are special consultants who can assist with the choice of caviar, taking everyone's preferences into account: they are trained to do so. If you want to have the best experience, it is a good idea to turn to professionals; caviar tasting will make you feel all the benefits of this product!

Caviar Tasting

There is also such a leasure activity that includes learning how to properly taste caviar, it is quite similar to wine tasting. Experts organize a master class consisting of 3-5 different caviar products. Starting with French baeri, sturgeon, stellate sturgeon and sometimes beluga.

These samples are paired with champagne. For people who enjoy alcoholic beverages, an option with vodka is also offered.

Specially trained people who are interested in caviar collect pickling recipes from all over the world so that they can provide unique opportunities for caviar tasting. After such "caviar expeditions", sommeliers choose the most delicious and authentic caviar products. This type of leisure is suitable for all gourmets, which means anyone who loves haute-cuisine and gourmet dishes very much.

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