Black caviar

The best black caviar: enjoy the highest quality from Lemberg

As we know, caviar is one of the most delicious and healthy foods, rich in protein and iodine. The price of black caviar is not too low, but those who like it say it’s worth it – the excellent taste makes people forget about everything. That’s why it is popular worldwide.

What is black caviar?

As a rule, all sturgeon caviar types are called black caviar. It is of medium size; the flavor is marine and delicate. The Caspian Sea is the main area of production. There are also fish farms where fish are bred for extraction of this product.

Types and prices

There are two most popular black caviar types: sturgeon and beluga. Let’s take a more detailed look at both. 

Sturgeon. It is indeed the most popular option. The size of this product is about 2.5 mm. It may be of slightly different shades: black, dark brown, light brown, etc. This caviar is distinguished by a delicate nutty taste with a deep and soft aftertaste.

Beluga. The pearls here reach a size of up to 3.5 mm and have a thin transparent shell. The taste properties are incredible; there is no aftertaste. The color may be black or grayish. Although the color does not affect the taste, the caviar of lighter shades is considered the most tender and soft. This variety is the most useful option for pregnant women, as nature has given this product protein and nutrients.

In our store, you can find the following black caviar types: Amur Royal, Beluga, Imperial Sturgeon, and Malossol Sturgeon Caviar. As for the prices, a 50g jar of beluga costs $225. Sturgeon prices range from $58 to $650 (for a set). If you want to buy black caviar in our store, you shouldn’t worry about anything: the highest quality is guaranteed. 

What does it contain?

When choosing a product for a festive table or everyday menu, you should remember the content of a product. Black caviar has the highest percentage of protein among other types of products. It is also naturally rich with the following:

  • amino acids;
  • leucine;
  • potassium;
  • magnesium;
  • iron;
  • phosphorus;

more than a dozen vitamins.

How to properly store the product after purchase

In order for the product not to lose its taste, it must be stored properly. You can not keep it in an open container – in the air, it becomes weathered and loses its appearance. You can’t put it in the freezer either; when freezing, the grains stick together and deform. You can store a jar of caviar only in the refrigerator. If it was in a barrel or a tin, it must be transferred to a glass container. The best black caviar for sale can be found in our store, so make an order and enjoy quick delivery.