Caviar Prices in Canada: A Comprehensive Guide
All of us know that caviar is a pretty expensive product. But such a high price is due to diverse reasons, such as difficult production and the long time it takes. The price is also influenced by caviar type, fish age, and harvesting method. Moreover, the region can also influence the price a lot. So, how much is caviar? We will try to clarify it in our guide. Let’s first take a more detailed look at what caviar prices are influenced by.

Caviar price: factors that influence the cost

There are three factors that influence the cost of caviar the most. Those are as follows.
  1. Harvesting method. As we have mentioned, there are different harvesting methods. Some methods keep fish alive, while others involve killing the fish. The latter is considered much worse, of course. Getting caviar while leaving fish alive is much more difficult, but this process of manufacturing provides the best result and truly high-quality product.
  2. Fish type. Understandably, it takes time to raise fish in fish farms. Raising sturgeons takes several years, and only after this can gender be identified. This stage may last even longer. Originally, it was in Russia that the first caviar farms appeared during the first half of the 20th century. The caviar comes from fish requiring 7 to 10 years of breeding before harvest. This is one of the reasons why its price is quite high. Today, 90% of caviar comes from livestock farming.
  3. Keeping conditions. Maintaining fish in perfect condition requires time and significant financial investment. Running water, excellent food, farm location, professionals working on the farm – all of those elements require lots of money. So, such a product cannot be cheap.

Most popular product types


All of us are familiar with the most common fish types: black and red. But it does not mean there are two fish varieties only. Each category is subdivided into several more. Let's take a more detailed look at each.
  • We start with black caviar.Beluga, sturgeon, and sevruga produce this product type. It is rather expensive caviar: it will cost you much more than the red counterpart. The color is usually silver-gray or dark. It is the most classic option. The product is characterized by a strong nutty taste, with no intakes of other flavors. It does not resemble red caviar. It is not too salty, which is a plus so that the consumer can fully experience all the minor notes of its flavor. The prices start from $77,50 for a 50g jar.
  • Red caviar.Red caviar is usually cheaper than black, so it is often included in people's rations. It is made from salmon fish, including chinook salmon, sockeye, etc. This caviar type is characterized by diversity: caviar obtained from different fish species differs in color, taste, and size. As a rule, this product has a relatively small size and a light orange hue. The prices start from $19.00 for a 100g jar.
We at Lemberg aim to satisfy even the most sophisticated preferences, so we offer diverse products at reasonable prices. We do our best to keep prices affordable. What is the caviar price per kg? Let's take a look at several most popular caviar types and compare the price.

Most popular black and red caviar types: the cost

Type of Caviar Average Price per 100g ($) Average Price per kg ($)
Amur Royal Caviar 155 1 550
Beluga Caviar 500 5 000
Keta Caviar 29.99 299.90
Osietra Caviar 158.5 1 585
Pink Salmon Caviar 24.99 249.90
Siberian Sturgeon Caviar 150 1500
Trout Caviar 19.90 199
What is the cheapest caviar? We have made a comparison of several product categories that are present on our site. So, what caviar to choose: black or red? 

Cost of Black Caviar 

As we have mentioned, black caviar is one of the most expensive options. If you want to give it a try, you can choose the best products in our store: our prices are reasonable. 
  1. Sevruga caviar is the smallest product on our list. Its size is about 1.5mm. The taste is soft, delicate, piquant, and fresh.
  2. Osietra caviar is characterized by dark color and medium-sized eggs. The size rarely exceeds 2mm. Experts say this caviar type looks incredibly luxurious. The taste is incredible, nutty, and salty. The prices start from $47 for a 30g can
Last but not least – Beluga caviar is one of the most expensive products on the market. This product also has the biggest grains – about 3.5mm. This product is considered elite, so no wonder gourmets from around the globe love it so much. The cost is $260 for a 50g can.

Cost of Red Caviar 

As we have already mentioned, different fish species are involved in producing red caviar. Compared to the options we have already described, this product type is considered cheap caviar. Here are the most popular types.
  • Pink salmon. If you love pink salmon caviar, you won't have any problems finding it: it is present in literally any store, either offline or online. No holiday table can go without it. The eggs are bright orange, creating a festive feeling and making a table look great. The size is medium. The cost is $24.99 per 100g.
  • Trout caviar. This product type is also really affordable. The reason is that fish is artificially bred. The grains are really small; the color may differ (purple – dark yellow). The taste is delicate and a little bit bitter. The average price is $19.99 for a 100g jar.
  • Chum Salmon Caviar. Known for its larger grain size and striking orange color, Chum Salmon Caviar is a favorite among caviar enthusiasts. It offers a unique taste that's slightly less salty compared to other red caviars, with a rich, buttery texture that melts in your mouth. It is widely available and valued for its quality and flavor, making it a popular choice for special occasions. The cost is typically around $29.99 per 100g, reflecting its premium status among red caviars.