BELUGA Caviar, 50 g

BELUGA Caviar, 50 g


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Beluga caviar is the most sought-after of all types of caviar - a traditionally elite delicacy with a pronounced nutty taste. The caviar pearls are soft and delicate, 3-4 mm in size, colored anthracite to steel gray, taste wonderfully creamy and literally melt in the mounth.

Beluga (lat. Huso huso) is the largest fish of the sturgeon family, in the good old days fishermen caught fish up to five meters long and weighing 1000 kg. The caviar hive was up to 200 kg. Such giants are rarely found in aquaculture. 100 kg heavy specimens are the rule. Beluga females spawn for the first time in 15-20 years, so its caviar is the rarest and most expensive.

Beluga caviar is best enjoyed neat with a glass of champagne. Ideal for special occasions or as an unforgettable gift.

Nutritional information (100g)

Energy 1141 kJ / 273 kcal
Fat 18,6 g
Saturated fatty acids 4,6 g
Carbohydrate 2,2 g
Sugar 0,0 g
Protein 24,4 g
Salt 3,5 g


Fish Yes
Wheat flour (gluten) No
Crustaceans No
Eggs No
Peanuts No
Soya No
Milk No
Nuts No
Celery No
Mustard No
Sesame seeds No
Sulphur dioxide and sulphites No
Lupine No
Molluscs No


3 reviews for BELUGA Caviar, 50 g

  1. Johan M

    The caviar was delivered at the appointed time. I haven’t been this happy in a long time! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the store! Good clients to you!

  2. Carina T

    Thanks to my friend for telling me about this online store. We will buy from this store again and will definitely recommend this store to our friends. Yes, and the caviar turned out to be amazingly tasty, it has not been seen on the shelves for a long time. And the prices here are also very reasonable, plus the delivery from the store is free.

  3. Elis

    To be honest, I didn’t expect it to be very tasty! Delivery was fast when I ordered. The whole family is delighted!!! I recommend to all. Thank you.

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